ICIVC 2023 was held during July 27-29, 2023 in Dalian, China. It's co-sponsored by Dalian Maritime University and IEEE. 2023年第八届图像、视觉与计算会议在大连举行, 会期是2023年7月27-29日, 为期三天, 本次会议是由大连海事大学, IEEE联合主办

 ICIVC 2023 大连海事大学 发布会议成功召开新闻 Report from Dalian Maritime University


Keynote Speakers:

Yiu-Ming Cheung (FIEEE, FAAAS, FIET, FBCS), Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Hua Huang, Beijing Normal University, China

James Tin-Yau KWOK, IEEE Fellow, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Hongying Meng, Brunel University London, UK


Invited Speakers:
Zhang Shiling, Electric Power Research Institute of State Grid Chongqing Electric Power Company, China
Xuefeng LIU, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, China
Quan Wang, Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

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Excellent Paper Presentation Award Winners

Elemental Images Labelling and Grouping to Minimise Disparity Error in Texture-less Regions of Holoscopic Images
Author(s): Bodor Almatrouk, Hongying Meng, Rafiq Swash
Presenter: Hongying Meng, Brunel University London, UK

Person Re-Identification based on Multi-spectrum Information Aggregation Transformers
Author(s): Yuxuan Zhang, Huibin Tan, Long Lan, Jing Ren, Xiao Teng
Presenter: Yuxuan Zhang, National University of Defense Technology, China

Few-cell Culture Monitoring and Analysis in Real-time Using the Lensless Imaging System
Author(s): Jinzhou Hu, Ningmei Yu, Dian Tian, Jihui Yu, Xucheng Liu, Yichen Di
Presenter: Jinzhou Hu, Xi'an University of Technology, China

SSP: A Large-Scale Semi-Real dataset for Semantic Segmentation of Spacecraft Payloads
Author(s): Yanning Guo, Zhen Feng, Bin Song, Xinglong Li
Presenter: Zhen Feng, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China

A Learnable Decoder for Near-infrared Blurred Vessel Segmentation with Domain Adaptation
Author(s): Jiazhe Wang, Yoshie Osamu, Koichi Shimizu
Presenter: Jiazhe Wang, Waseda university, Japan

Unsupervised Cross-Domain Rumor Detection from Multiple Sources Based on RoBERTa and Multi-CNN
Author(s): Taozheng Zhang, Shuaidong Hu
Presenter: Taozheng Zhang, Communication University of China, China

Safety Helmet Wearing Detection Based on Particle Swarm Optimization YOLOv7
Author(s): Ziteng Zhang
Presenter: Ziteng Zhang, Monash University, Australia

MMST-GCN+: A multi-modal ST-GCN+ for computer-aided education by introducing a sensor skeleton
Author(s): Ziyun Zhao, Aohua Song, Qingyun Xiong, Siyu Zheng and Junqi Guo
Presenter: Ziyun Zhao, Beijing Normal University, China

Surface Subsidence Monitoring in Jinan City Based on SBAS-InSAR Technology
Author(s): Jiang Dingyi, Tan Gewei, Zheng Zhiying
Presenter: Jiang Dingyi, HuaQiao University, China

Research on Efficient Pyramid Attention Back-Projection Network for Medical Image Super-Resolution
Author(s): Xiqiao Jing, Bin Wu
Presenter: Xiqiao Jing, Southwest University of Science and Technology, China

Fast Fusion of Multi-modality Images Based on Regional Accumulated Gradient Contrast
Author(s): Lixia Zhang, Zhaocheng Xuan
Presenter: Lixia Zhang, Tianjin University of Technology and Education, China

A Non-invasive Computer-based Pomelo Grade Classifier Using Multiclass Support Vector Machine
Author(s): Kim Ravida, Ramon Garcia
Presenter: Kim Ravida, Mapúa University, Philippines

Multi-Vehicle Speed Measurement Based on Monitoring Video using Improved Multi-Object Tracking Algorithm
Author(s): Xinwen Gao, Zhiyuan Gan, Zhuo Shen, Li Teng
Presenter: Zhiyuan Gan, Shanghai University, China

Leaf Recognition Using K-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm with Zernike Moments
Author(s): Zhuohao Jia, Simon Liao
Presenter: Zhuohao Jia, The University of Winnipeg, Canada

Multi-Level Evidence Active Learning for Water Surface Object Detection
Author(s): Wanjun Zhong, Tianyu Han, Haohao Hu, Yuerong Wang, Li Li, Peng Zan
Presenter: Wanjun Zhong, Shanghai University, China

Cigarette Authentication by Using Deep Learning-based Anomaly Detection of Adhesive Mark Images
Author(s): Zhouyuan Liang, Dan Li, Bingbing He, Zeping Chen, Ningtao Zhang, Yufeng Zhang
Presenter: Zhouyuan Liang, Yunnan University, China

Gaussian Transformer and CNN Segmentation Method Based on Contrastive Learning of Boundary
Author(s): Pan Pan, Yanfeng Li, Houjin Chen, Xuzhi Zhao, Luyifu Chen, Chong Zhang
Presenter: Pan Pan, Beijing Jiaotong University, China