Organizing Committees


International Advisory Committee 顾问委员会
Ting-Chung Poon, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA (IEEE Fellow & SPIE Fellow & OSA Fellow & IOP Fellow)
Changsheng Xu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China (IEEE Fellow, and IAPR Fellow)
Jenq-neng Hwang, University of Washington in Seattle, USA (IEEE Fellow)
Chin-Chen Chang, Feng Chia University,Taiwan (IEEE Fellow) 
Shahram Latifi, University of Nevada, USA (IEEE Fellow)
Ying (Gina) Tang, Rowan University, USA

Conference Chairs 大会主席

Ce Zhu, University of Electronic Science & Technology of China (IEEE Fellow)
Xudong Jiang, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (IEEE Fellow)
Junyu Dong, Ocean University of China, China

Conference Co-chairs 大会联合主席
Hui Yu, Portsmouth University, UK
Shanshan Tu, Beijing University of Technology, China 
Q. M. Jonathan Wu, University of Windsor, Canada

Program Chairs 程序委员会主席
Shengke Wang, Ocean University of China, China
Jianbo Li, Qingdao University, China
Xinpeng Zhang, Fudan University, China

Program Vice-chairs 程序委员会联合主席
Hui Tian, Huaqiao University, China
Luigi De Dominicis, ENEA and Lumsa University, Italy

Local Organizing Chair 本地组织委员会主席
Yong Zhao, Ocean University of China, China
Lin Qi, Ocean University of China, China

Publication Chair 出版主席
Hui Yu, Portsmouth University, UK

Publicity Chair 宣传主席
Guo-Neng LU, Claude Bernard Lyon I Univeristy, France

Technical Committee

Gang Hu, Xian University of Technology, China
Zhongfu Ye, University of Science and Technology of China, China
Qiegen Liu, Department of Electronic Information Engineering Nanchang, China
Zhongpeng Wang, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, China
Xuebo Zhang, Science & Technology on Underwater Acoustic Antagonizing Laboratory, China
Chen Tianwei,Urban Vocational College of Sichuan, China
Yong Zhang, University of Jiangxi Finance and Economics, China
Yifeng Zhang,Southeast University, China
Yongming Chen, Yancheng institute of technology, China
Qian Huang, Hohai University, China
Ying Liu, Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
Zhang Jin, Hunan Normal University, China
Yong-Ping Hao,Shenyang Ligong University, China
Zhuang Miao, PLA University of Science & Technology, China
Hui Li,Technology Chengdu Agricultural College, China
Luo Chen, National Universoty of Defense Technology, China
Ching-Chun Chang, Tsinghua University, China
JianJun Wang, Shanghai Polytechnic University, China
Gangyi Jiang, Ningbo University, China
Jianli Xie, Lanzhou Jiaotong University, China
Hang Wu, Academy of Military Sciences of Chinese
Youfa Cai, Tianjin University, China
Yuanyun Wang, Nanchang Institute of Technology, China
Yuyao Shen, Academy of Opto-electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Dandan Zhu, Tianjin University of Chinese Traditional Medicine
Hongtao Wu, Shanxi Transportation Technology Research & Development Co., Ltd
Hao Zhang, Taiyuan University of Technology;
Chenglei Zhang, LINYI University