ICIVC 2017

2017 2nd International Conference on Image, Vision and Computing (ICIVC 2017) will be held during June 2-4, 2017, Chengdu, China.

It is sponsored by Sichuan Province Computer Federation and IEEE.

ICIVC 2017, is to bring together innovative academics and industrial experts in the field of Image, Vision and Computing and etc to a common forum.

2017年第二届IEEE图像、视觉与计算国际会议定于2017年6月2日-4日在成都举办。本届ICIVC 2017由英国朴茨茅斯大学以及四川省计算机学会联合主办,新加坡电子学会协办,并将邀请国内外主要高校参与共襄盛举。

本次大会由四川省计算机学会理事长张景中院士担任大会的名誉主席,英国朴茨茅斯大学的Branislav Vuksanovic教授, 南洋理工大学的Xudong Jiang教授, 加拿大温莎大学的Jonathan Wu教授和中国科学院成都计算机应用研究所所长王晓宇研究员,成都信息工程大学校长周激流教授联合担任本次大会的大会主席;由四川大学计算机学院/软件学院院长章毅教授,电子科技大学信息与软件工程学院院长秦志光教授,西南交通大学信息科学与技术学院院长潘炜教授担任大会的程序委员会主席。

How to submit

Send your #Full Paper / #Abstract to our submission system.
Send your enquiry to icivc@young.ac.cn.
Submission Deadline: April 10, 2017.

New Update

2017-06-01. News!
Registration on June 2 starts from 10:00 AM, please come to the registration count for materials collection. Venue Location

2017-04-06. News!
Welcome IEEE Fellow, Prof. Vincenzo Piuri from Universita' degli Studi di Milano, Italy joining ICIVC 2017 committee.

2017-03-16. News!
We received large number of requests for submission extension. After overall consideration, we decide to extend the deadline till April 10, 2017. Please prepare your manuscript and make it ready by April 10, 2017. Final Call!

2016-12-13. Good News!
ICIVC 2017 has been listed in the officail conference list of IEEE. Click
ICIVC 2017已经进入IEEE官方会议列表。点击查看

2016-12-13. Good News!
ICIVC 2017 has been listed in Sciencemeeting Online, which is administrated by Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. Click
ICIVC 2017目前已经进入由中国教育部主管的中国学术会议在线会议列表。点击查看

2016-11-21. Good News!
ICIVC 2016会议论文集已经被Scopus 检索.
The proceedings of ICIVC 2016 has been indexed by Scopus.
ICIVC 2016会议论文集已经被Ei Compendex 检索.
The proceedings of ICIVC 2016 has been indexed by Ei Compendex.

Paper Publication

All accepted papers must be written in English and will be published into conference proceedings by IEEE and indexed by Ei Compendex and Scopus after the conference.